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I took this photo in the eastern Sierras, off Highway 395, at the Owens Gorge Road. I love those mailboxes and every time we travel to the Sierras, we drive by them just to see them!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

oak grove~That's My World May 26, 2009

This oak grove is on a local Indian reservation and is on the way to the ranch where we board our horses. Right now it has many wildflowers blooming, but I was more interested in the trees yesterday morning. We watch this area through the seasons and right now, in spring, it is lush and green. That's My World for May 26, 2009


Karen said...

Very nice shots !!

That looks like a nice spot to stop and sit awhile ...I really like the carpet of wildflowers under the trees , as well...


Love the shots. I am visiting you via the black box....I loved what I saw...and loved the music.