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I took this photo in the eastern Sierras, off Highway 395, at the Owens Gorge Road. I love those mailboxes and every time we travel to the Sierras, we drive by them just to see them!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

"Vanishing Point"~Community Photo Challenge 080711

This bridge is at the Devil's Postpile National Monument, near Mammoth Lakes, CA.  When hubby and I were on the bridge, a young squirrel came running halfway across it and stopped when he saw us.  He really wanted to get past us, to the other side, but he was frozen with fear.  I could almost read his mind...he wanted to cross the bridge, but we were in the way!  We froze and just watched him.  He finally gathered up his courage and crossed it and vanished into the rocks.  I didn't even move to take a photo of him, fearing that any movement would send him back the way he came from, so I didn't get a picture of him, but I enjoyed watching him.  "Vanishing Point" for Community Photo Challenge for August, 2011. To view other participants in this challenge, please visit:  http://communityphotochallenge.blogspot.com/

"Water"~Community Photo Challenge~080711

Twin Lakes, above Mammoth, CA.  Hubby and I were here in June, 2011.  Yes, there was still a lot of snow on the mountains and higher elevations.  We stayed at the Tamarack Lodge.  "Water"~Community Photo Challenge for August, 2011. To see other participants, please go to:  http://communityphotochallenge.blogspot.com/