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I took this photo in the eastern Sierras, off Highway 395, at the Owens Gorge Road. I love those mailboxes and every time we travel to the Sierras, we drive by them just to see them!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Clearing the roads!!! Outdoor Wednesday for January 5, 2011.

Hubby took these pics above Bishop, CA. We were heading toward Mammoth, but the road got really icy and we didn't have chains with us, so we turned around. Along the way, this CalTrans snowplow passed us, probably heading to where we decided to not venture any more!!! We enjoyed our trip to the Sierras and can't wait to return! Outdoor Wednesday for January 5, 2011.


Martha Z said...

Oh my! I lived for 15 years at the base of Sherwin Grade and 8 of those years worked at Mammoth. This sure brings back memories. Turning around is a good idea, that road can be very dangerous when icy.

Linda said...

There sure has been a lot of snow up there. We here, in California are not used to driving in weather like that!